Singaporeans who require urgent consular assistance after office hours should call

09 250 863 840 and they will be re-directed to the relevant Embassy staff.

Our telephone number is (+95-1) 9 559001.

Our fax number is (+951) 9 559922.

Our e-mail address is

1.      Do note that there are travel restrictions in place for some areas in Myanmar. Please refer to MFA’s Travel Advisories, as well as the Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism on the regions and areas to avoid travel to.

2.      Tourists visiting Myanmar are only allowed to stay in hotels and not in residential properties, temples or monasteries. If you wish to stay at a property other than a hotel, you will need to apply for a social visit visa from the Myanmar Embassy in Singapore.

3.      The use of drones is not expressly permitted in Myanmar. Please do not fly them in the country, especially close to government and military installations/buildings.

4.      Change your local currency (Myanmar Kyat) at authorised moneychangers in Myanmar and retain the receipt. We do not advise tourists to change their currencies in Singapore, where possible.

5.      If you are visiting Bagan, please note that you are not permitted to climb on top of temples and pagodas to take pictures. Please also remember to use e-bikes carefully.

All Singaporeans residing in Myanmar are encouraged to register with the Embassy. This is to enable the Embassy to get in touch with them during emergencies. Registration can be done online (click here) or in person at the Embassy.

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