Foreign Service Officer (Functional and Corporate)

Job Scope

As a Foreign Service Officer (Functional and Corporate), you formulate, review and implement policies that impact MFA's vital operations. You are rotated to manage core functions in the following:

  • Consular: Provide assistance to overseas Singaporeans in distress
  • Protocol: Facilitate State formalities and courtesies
  • Human Resource: Attract and develop human capital
  • Corporate Affairs: Oversee organisational and resource management
  • Technical Cooperation: Share Singapore's technical expertise with developing countries

Overseas, you serve as Administrative Secretary. You manage a team to ensure the smooth functioning of the Mission. Your challenges range from consular duties, human resource management, finance, procurement, facility development and maintenance, to office administration.

"My MFA career has given me an opportunity to experience living in Manila as well as Taipei where I am currently posted. As the Admin Secretary, I take care of the administrative matters to ensure that our office in Taipei can operate smoothly as well as assist Singaporeans requiring consular assistance. Previously in HQ, I had held various positions in the Human Resource and the Strategic Communications Directorate. During my last assignment in HQ, I handled and reviewed the language training needs of our officers posted overseas to ensure that the Ministry's training remains relevant."

Stephanie Or 
Assistant Director, Personnel Development 
Human Resource Directorate 


  • Singapore citizens with the commitment to serve in the Public Service and can adapt to the challenges of working overseas.
  • Applicants with strong analytical skills and conceptual abilities, excellent written and oral communication skills, strong ability to engage people at all levels, and good planning and organisation skills.

Development Opportunities

You will be equipped with essential knowledge, skills and diplomatic tradecraft through structured programmes, courses and on-the-job training. As you progress within the Ministry, a series of varied and enriching assignments and milestone programmes will groom you for future leadership roles.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, please contact us at To apply, click hereAll applicants will be notified on whether they are shortlisted or not within 4 weeks of application.

Hear From Our Officers

Ignatius TanProfile photojpg edited

"FSOs need to be flexible and quick on their feet to respond to dynamic situations. It is also important to be calm and empathetic, particularly when somebody is in a tough situation and requires Consular assistance.”

Ignatius Tan
Assistant Director, Analytics and Research 
Human Resource Directorate
(Former 1st Secretary (Admin & Consular), Singapore Embassy in Qatar)


WhatsApp Image 20220309 at 115751 AM 

"Going on posting is an essential part of the FSO experience and career. It is also an honour and a privilege. You are not just working overseas, you are a diplomat representing Singapore."


Sherry Lim
1st Secretary (Admin & Consular)
Singapore Embassy in Bangkok


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