Foreign Service Officer (Functional and Corporate)

"My MFA career has brought me to New Delhi, Ankara, Canberra and Shanghai. In HQ, I helped with manpower planning and analysing trends in organisational health. As Admin Secretary in Manila, I ensure that the Chancery operates smoothly, and also help Singaporeans in distress."

Stephanie Or 
Assistant Director
Human Resource Directorate

Job Scope

As a Foreign Service Officer (Functional and Corporate), you formulate, review and implement policies that impact MFA's vital operations. You are rotated to manage core functions in the following:

  • Consular: Provide assistance to overseas Singaporeans in distress
  • Protocol: Facilitate State formalities and courtesies
  • Human Resource: Attract and develop human capital
  • Corporate Affairs: Oversee organisational and resource management
  • Technical Cooperation: Share Singapore's technical expertise with developing countries

Overseas, you serve as Administrative Secretary. You manage a team to ensure the smooth functioning of the Mission. Your challenges range from consular duties, human resource management, finance, procurement, facility development and maintenance, to office administration.


  • Singapore citizens with the commitment to serve in the Public Service and can adapt to the challenges of working overseas.
  • Exceptional graduates with strong analytical skills and conceptual abilities, excellent written and oral communication skills, strong ability to engage people at all levels, and good planning and organisation skills.

Development Opportunities

You will be equipped with essential knowledge, skills and diplomatic tradecraft through structured programmes, courses and on-the-job training. As you progress within the Ministry, a series of varied and enriching assignments and milestone programmes will groom you for future leadership roles.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, please contact us at  To apply, click here. Alternatively, you may apply at Careers@Gov.  

Hear From Our Officers

"I love that I get the opportunity to be part of various experiences and cultures in one vocation. After all these years, it is the conviction and belief that the work I do is for the greater good that keeps me going."

Philip Paul Peters
Assistant Director
Consular Directorate
(Former 1st Secretary (Admin & Consular), Singapore High Commission in London)

"To set yourself apart, you must be daring to make a stand for things which you believe in and know why you want a career in the Foreign Service."

Stephanie Goh
Human Resource Officer
Human Resource Directorate

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