Foreign Service Officer (Political and Economic)

"As a Foreign Service Officer, we have to build up a sound understanding and deep knowledge of the subjects that we are in charge of or the country we are posted to. We draft speeches, write analytical reports and provide hard-nosed assessments that help shape our foreign policy responses. There are also times where we run around preparing for an important visit."    

Harry Goh
Deputy Chief of Mission & Min-Cllr
Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, Thailand

Job Scope

You will analyse, report and give policy advice on geopolitical developments concerning Singapore’s strategic interests. You could be deployed to manage bilateral or multilateral relations, and responsibilities could include:  

  • Representing Singapore in visits, meetings, conferences and bilateral/multilateral negotiations
  • Coordinating and deconflicting domestic and foreign policy interests
  • Organising incoming and outgoing visits
  • Preparing reports on political and economic developments of host country
  • Presenting and defending Singapore’s position
  • Networking to cultivate and maintain close ties with influential people

Overseas, you serve as Political Secretary where you report on political and economic developments of your host country and serve as the eyes, ears and voice of Singapore.


  • Singapore citizens with the commitment to serve in the Public Service and can adapt to the challenges of working overseas
  • Applicants with a keen interest in international affairs, strong analytical skills and conceptual abilities, excellent written and oral communication skills, strong ability to engage people at all levels, and good planning and organisation skills

Development Opportunities

You will be equipped with essential knowledge, skills and diplomatic tradecraft through structured programmes, courses and on-the-job training. As you progress within the Ministry, a series of varied and enriching assignments and milestone programmes will groom you for future leadership roles.

Contact Us

If you have any queries, please contact us at  To apply, click here. All applicants will be notified on whether they are shortlisted or not within 4 weeks of application.

Hear From Our Officers

"A career in MFA offers a panoply of experiences. The only limits are how open and receptive you are to trying out new experiences and also immersing in them."

Catherine Wong
Southeast Asia I Directorate


"The life of a diplomat is anything but routine, and it will not be a walk in the park."

Norman Aziz-Boey
First Secretary (Political)
Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, China

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