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Always on the frontline of global developments, Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) respond swiftly to global events to safeguard and advance Singapore’s interests.  This includes analysing geopolitical developments, organising high-level visits, as well as assisting Singaporeans in distress overseas.

If you are prepared for the dynamic work environment and aspire to secure Singapore’s interests on the international stage, the Foreign Service Scholarships may be the choice for you.  Sign up for our mailing list here to keep informed on updates regarding the scholarship.  For queries, please email us at MFA_Scholarship@mfa.gov.sg.



Past Events

MFA held the Foreign Service Scholarship Information Session on 18 January 2020.  This event was for graduated pre-university students and NSFs awaiting university admissions who are interested in taking up an MFA scholarship and career.  Participants had the opportunity to hear from our Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) who shared their scholarship and career journey, including the highlights and challenges.  Through the interactions with our FSOs, participants found out more about what a career and scholarship with MFA entails, to help them make a more informed decision when applying to MFA.  


Event Gallery

Here are some highlights of the Foreign Service Scholarship Information Session 2020:

Info Sess_1   Info Sess_2

 Info Sess_3   Info Sess_4

Info Sess_5   Info Sess_6



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