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International Peacekeeping


Singapore believes that UN peacekeeping operations have made a significant contribution to international peace and security.

In 1997, Singapore became the 7th country to sign the Memorandum of Understanding on UN Standby Arrangements. Our commitments to the UN Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System include placing planning officers, military observers, medical personnel and police officers on standby to support UN peacekeeping missions.

Singapore’s military and police have, since 1989, taken part in 17 peacekeeping and observer missions. We have been involved in these missions in various capacities, including the provision of medical support, military advisors for national reconciliation, and the supervision of UN-sponsored elections in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Ethiopia-Eritrea, Guatemala, Iraq, Namibia, Nepal, South Africa, and Timor-Leste. Singaporeans have also held senior military and civilian appointments in UN peacekeeping operations.

On 11 December 2015, Singapore signed an agreement with the then-UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (now the Department of Peace Operations) to jointly develop an information management tool for UN peacekeeping efforts. The tool is a secure web-based software application to enable peacekeeping and special political missions to electronically submit casualty reporting data and automatically notify key stakeholders at the UN Headquarters in New York, thereby enhancing the way that the UN plans, monitors and conducts these operations.

More information on the UN’s peacekeeping operations can be found on this website.

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