A Certificate of Clearance (COC) is issued by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to certify that a person has no Criminal Conviction within a stipulated period of time in Singapore. All COC applications have to be made online via SPF’s eService at https://eservices.police.gov.sg/content/policehubhome/homepage/certificate-of-clearance-hub.htm . The Consulate-General is not authorized to issue COC. For more information on COC application, kindly refer to SPF’s website or email SPF directly at  spf_coc_office@spf.gov.sg.


Singapore Citizens Applicants

Singapore Citizens may log in to SPF’s eService using their SingPass and complete the online application form for COC. Once the COC application is accepted, the certificate will be mailed to the postal address as indicated in the online application form. Singapore Citizens are not required to submit fingerprint impressions to SPF.


Non-Singapore Citizens Applicants (Including Singapore Permanent Residents)

Since 18 October 2010, SPF has ceased the issuance of COC to non-Singapore Citizens. Applicants who require a COC may appeal for eligibility to apply for COC via SPF’s eService. They must (i) have resided in Singapore for a minimum period of 6 months, under a valid pass issued by the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) or the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), (ii)  be above the age of 16 and (iii) have documentary proof which states that a COC is required by the foreign government authority or institution for overseas purposes. Non-Singapore Citizens are required to log in to SPF’s eService via their Foreign Identification Number (FIN) and Passport Number.


Upon notification that the COC appeal has been approved, non-Singapore Citizen applicants are required to have their fingerprints recorded at an authorised institution in their country of residence, such as local police stations, fingerprinting/forensic agencies or notaries public. The Consulate-General does not provide fingerprint recording services for COC applications. SPF will accept fingerprints recorded at the local authorised institutions if the latter signs and stamps on the fingerprint forms. Applicants may use the fingerprint forms provided by the local authorised institutions or downloaded from SPF’s website.


Legalisation of COC for use in China

If the COC is intended for use in China, both Singaporean and non-Singaporean applicants are required to legalise the COC at the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), followed by the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Singapore. The Consulate-General is not authorised to provide such legalisation services. If you are not able to return to Singapore to legalise the COC, you may arrange for a proxy to do so on your behalf. Please refer to this page for more information on the legalisation of Singapore documents to be used in China.



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