Counter services are open to the public from 9am – 1pm, Monday – Friday.  We are closed on Singapore’s National Day (9 August annually) and all US federal holidays.  You may contact us at:

Tel : +1 (415) 543-4775

Fax : +1 (415) 543-4788

Email :


Singaporeans who need emergency consular assistance after office hours may call our emergency number listed under "Contact Us" on the main page of this website. Please note that general enquiries and requests for visas will not be entertained at the above Emergency Number. Singapore is 15 to 16 hours (depending on Daylight Saving Time) ahead of San Francisco. If you are unable to reach the emergency number, you should contact the MFA Duty Office in Singapore at +65 6379 8800.

All overseas Singaporeans are encouraged to register with the Consulate-General via the e-Register at  This will enable us to contact you and render any necessary assistance during emergency or crisis situations.


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