Singaporeans who intend to marry Cambodians should check with the Legal and Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on the process to register your marriage in Cambodia.  You may make an appointment with the Embassy for any notarization you may require using the online form here:


Please note that the Embassy is unable to issue any letter to state that the applicant is single, as Singapore regulations do not require Singaporeans who register their marriages overseas to re-register their marriage in Singapore.  Singapore regulations also do not require Singaporeans who marry overseas to inform the Embassy.


Singaporeans may, however, perform a search of the Singapore Civil Marriage Register or Singapore Muslim Marriage Register (for Muslims) and obtain a print-out of the search.  This search may be conducted online and the result of the search will be returned immediately.  Alternatively, Singaporeans may also perform the search at the self-service kiosks of the Registry of Marriages (ROM) or Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) located in Singapore.  Do note that a fee is levied for this service and payment for online search must be made online.


Results of searches conducted at the self-service kiosks at ROM or ROMM will be certified and endorsed with the official seal of ROM or ROMM accordingly. For searches performed online (which can be printed but without official signature or seal), ROM or ROMM will send another formal letter on their letterhead with the search results.


Please visit the following ROM and ROMM websites for more information or to perform the online search.

Registry of Marriages

Registry of Muslim Marriages


The Embassy may endorse on the official ROM or ROMM letter confirming the result of the search if the Singaporean so wishes.


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