If your passport is lost/stolen, you will need to do the following:

1.            lodge a police report (when you do so, please request for a copy of the report);

2.            take passport-sized photographs should you not have two spare ones with you. Instant photos are acceptable;

3.            contact the Embassy’s Consular Section or the Consulate-General, depending on your location.

When you arrive at the Embassy’s Consular Section, please bring along with you the police report and documentary proof of your citizenship and your identity (preferably with your photograph on it, e.g., Identity Card) as well as two passport-size photographs.  For detailed information, please click here. Once the temporary travel document or Document of Identity has been issued to you, you will need to proceed to the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta for an Exit Permit Only (EPO) before you can depart Jakarta for Singapore. You are advised to allocate sufficient time to complete the whole process before you decide on your air-ticket to Singapore.

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