Formal diplomatic relations between the Republic of Singapore and the Republic of Indonesia were established on 7 September 1967, through a Joint Communique signed by then-Singapore Foreign Minister S Rajaratnam and then-Indonesian Foreign Minister Adam Malik. Prior to this, a Singapore Liaison Office had operated in Jakarta since December 1966.

Following both countries’ agreement to establish formal diplomatic relations at the Ambassadorial level, Mr Ridzwan Dzafir, the then-Singapore Liaison Officer in Jakarta, was appointed Chargé d’Affaires of the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta. In 1968, Mr P S Raman was appointed Singapore’s first Ambassador to Indonesia.

At present, there are officers from several Singapore agencies at the Embassy, reflecting the breadth and depth of the bilateral relationship.  These include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defence/Singapore Armed Forces, Ministry of Home Affairs/Singapore Police Force, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Economic Development Board, and Enterprise Singapore.
The current Ambassador, Mr Kwok Fook Seng, assumed post in July 2022.


Key Staff Members

Mr Kwok Fook Seng
Mr Jeremy Sor
Deputy Chief of Mission & Counsellor
Mr Aaron Chee
Counsellor (Political)

Ms Geraldyn Chen
Counsellor (Admin & Consular)
Mr Michael Kuek

Ms Min Kuek
Counsellor (Commercial)

Mr Aaron Ee
Counsellor (Commercial)
Mr Samuel Woon
First Secretary (Political)

Ms Felise Leow
First Secretary (Political)

Mr Melvyn Foo
First Secretary (Political)
Mr Jonathan Seng
First Secretary (Political)
Ms Kok May Chew
First Secretary (Admin & Consular)

Mr Andrew Leung
First Secretary (Information) 

Mr Baljeet Singh s/o Swarnsingh
First Secretary

Mr Evan Teo
First Secretary
Mr Blias Tan
First Secretary (Commercial)
Ms Natasha Sim
Second Secretary (Political) 

Mr Dixon Yu
First Secretary (Industry)

Mr Norazren Bin Rahmad
Second Secretary  
Mr Muhammad Danish Durrani Bin Mohamad Yusof
Attaché (Admin & Consular) 

ME7 Melvin Gan
Defence Attaché
COL David Kwek
Army Attaché
LTC Tan Shing Ee
Asst Defence Attaché
LTC Davis Lee
Asst Defence Attaché
SUPT Ahmad Najib Bin Mohamed Naim
Police Attaché 



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