Lost/Stolen Singapore International Passport


You should immediately report a lost passport either online, in person to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or to the High Commission in Canberra.

To protect you from fraud and identity theft, passport(s) reported lost will not be valid for travel, even if recovered later. If you do recover your passport, you must surrender it to ICA or the High Commission within 14 days. Failure to surrender a recovered passport is an offence. You could face a fine and/or imprisonment.

If your Singapore passport was lost or stolen while in Australia, you should first report the loss to the local Police Department as soon as possible and obtain a police report. In some cases where this may not be possible, you should request for an acknowledgement slip, e.g. loss report reference number or a receipt.

Reporting loss of passport


You will need the following information to report the loss of passport online:

  • Singpass login
  • Details on how the passport was lost
  • Police report details (if available)

Lost/stolen passports can be reported online via ICA’s e-Service. You can only report the loss of passport online for yourself and your child (below 16 years old). If the circumstances of the loss of your child’s passport is different, you will be required to make a separate report for your child.

Through the Singapore High Commission

You can report the loss through the High Commission if you do not have Singpass. Please contact us by phone or email citizenservice_cbr@mfa.sgand provide the following:

  • Copies of two Singapore identity documents such as passport photocopy, NRIC, driving licence etc. for proof of identity
  • Copy or reference number of the police report
  • Exit permit/notice of exemption (if available)
  • Notification Form on loss of passport (43.46KB)

The High Commission may request for a face-to-face verification via video call to establish your identity.


Application for Document of Identity (DOI) for urgent travel to Singapore only

If you need to return to Singapore urgently, you can apply for a one-time use travel document called Document of Identity (DOI) to facilitate your return. You can do so either online or through the High Commission.


If you had reported the loss of your passport online, you can apply for the DOI via ICA’s e-Service, within 7 days of reporting the loss. You can opt to either have the DOI issued to you by the High Commission in Canberra or directly from ICA in Singapore. Collection of the DOI will be via courier, at your own arrangements and expense.

Through the Singapore High Commission

You can apply for a DOI through the High Commission if you do have Singpass or did not report the loss of your passport online. Please contact us by phone or email citizenservice_cbr@mfa.sg and provide your identification documents as stated above.

FEES: Payment of AUD 17 per DOI via local bank transfer in Australia. Instructions for payment will be provided by Consular Officer.

PROCESSING TIME: At least three working days, especially during weekends, to verify your identity and for courier. Hence, you may have to re-schedule your departure date out of Australia, if necessary.

Upon your return to Singapore, you will need to surrender the DOI and apply for a replacement passport at ICA.


Application for New Passport

For Singapore citizens who are working or studying in the country, you can apply for a replacement passport online or through the High Commission.

In addition to the prevailing passport fee of AUD 88, applicants are also required to pay non-refundable fees for passport loss (AUD 55 for first loss and AUD 109 for subsequent losses) upon collection of the new passport.

For more information on application for new passport, please refer to Passport application section.

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