Appointments are required for passport application and collection in person at the High Commission. Please book your appointment via the online form here. Walk-ins will not be entertained. 

Application for Singapore Passport Overseas



To be eligible to apply for a passport, you must be a Singapore citizen.



There are two ways to apply for a new passport: 

  • If you have Singpass - You can apply online using ICA's e-Service and select 'Canberra' if you are not collecting in Singapore

  • If you do not have Singpass - You can submit hard-copy application by mail* to the Singapore High Commission in Canberra, with supporting documents and fee payment, to the Singapore High Commission in Canberra  

Refer to the instructions and Notes below.


Online Application with Singpass (Recommended)


SINGPASS: Need to apply for a Singpass and Singpass token? Visit the Singpass website here to find out more.


PROCEDURE: Online using your Singpass


1.    Check your particulars and enter your Australian contact details (mobile, email address and residential address)


2.    Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to “Are you collecting in Singapore?”. If you select ‘No’, then select ‘CANBERRA’ as the collection centre


3.    Attach a digital copy of your passport photo when prompted


4.    Confirm your application details


5.    Submit payment when prompted


DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: A digital version of your recent passport-sized colour photograph taken within the last three months and against a white background. Your photo must follow ICA’s photo requirements here failing which your application will be delayed. The digital format should be JPEG, 400px by 514px, max 150kb.


FEES: SGD 70 fee, payable online by Visa/Mastercard Debit/Credit card or American Express card, OR Internet Banking account from DBS/POSB, Citibank, OCBC or UOB.


PROCESSING TIME: Three to four weeks, pending all information submitted duly. You may check your application status here.


Hard-copy Application by Mail 


PROCEDURE: Mail* the documents required, and payment, by trackable - registered or express platinum - post or courier service to the address below. At the point of mailing, retain a record of your tracking number to allow you to track the delivery of your postage. (Do not submit your current/expired passport to us at this stage)


Attn: Consular officer

Singapore High Commission in Canberra

17 Forster Crescent

Yarralumla, ACT 2600



DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: Attach the following form and supporting documents:


1.    Printed and completed overseas application form - downloadable via this link Singapore Passport Application (overseas).


  • Indicate your name in the same sequence as per current passport name (unless you have changed your name)
  • Indicate Local Address and Local Telephone as your Australian address and telephone
  • Ensure that Part II point (c) is declared and selected accurately, failing which your application will be delayed

2.    One passport-sized colour photograph taken within the last three months and against a white background. Your photo must follow ICA’s photo guidelines here failing which your application will be delayed.


3.    Photocopy of current Singapore passport


4.    Your Australian email address, mobile number and residential address indicated on a separate sheet of paper


5.    (If male) Copy of valid Exit Permit or Notice of Exemption


6.    (If over 16 years old) Photocopy of Identity Card (NRIC)


7.    (If below 16 years old) Photocopy of Identity Card (NRIC) of a consenting parent or legal guardian


8.    (If below 16 years old or without NRIC card) Photocopy of birth or citizenship certificate


9.  (If change of name due to marriage or deed poll) Photocopy of marriage certificate or deed poll. For married name, please specify how you wish your married name to appear in the new passport.


FEES: Payment of AUD 88 for passport application fee, prepared as:


  • Australian Money Order (purchased at any Auspost branch); OR
  • Bank cheque (issued at your bank branch). We do not accept personal or handwritten cheques.
  • Make out your Money Order or Bank cheque to the “Singapore High Commission in Canberra”

  For security reasons, please do not send cash by mail


PROCESSING TIME: Four to six weeks, if ICA has all the necessary documents. You may check your application status by emailing us if you have not heard from us after six weeks. You are also advised to check your Spam/Junk Mailbox for the passport collection notification email. 


Collection of New Passport 

Passport collection and safekeeping is a responsibility of each citizen. Please ensure that you collect your passport using the most secure option possible to reduce the chances of your passport being lost/damaged in transit.


You are strongly encouraged to collect your passport in person from Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in Singapore or at the High Commission in Canberra.  To collect your passport in person, please book an appointment via the online form here. We are not accepting walk-ins at the moment. 


If you are not able to travel to Canberra, you can opt to collect your passport by post or courier*, following a face-to-face verification with the High Commission via Skype. Cost of the postage/courier service will be borne by the applicants. Ensure your Australian contact details are updated and you remain accessible by email or phone. The Singapore High Commission will notify you and you will receive instructions on the collection after we have received your new passport from ICA. Once your identity has been verified via Skype, you will need to submit your current passport to us for cancellation. Your old passport will be invalidated and returned to you together with the new passport.


Validity of Singapore Passport


For passport applications for Singapore Citizens aged 16 and above who submit a passport application on or after 1 October 2021, the validity period of the Singapore passport, issued by ICA, will be increased from the current 5 years to 10 years. This will reduce the frequency of passport renewals, and offer greater convenience to Singaporeans. There will be no change to the passport application fee. The validity period of the passport issued to children below 16 years old will remain at five years. 


For further information on passport validity, please refer to the list of FAQs on ICA's website here




  • * Risks of postal/courier services: The Singapore High Commission is not responsible for any document lost or damaged in the mail or transmitted through courier services. Please consider the risks involved in sending valuable items by mail, which may be lost or damaged in transit from time to time. If you decide to use a postal or courier service, you should use reputable, trackable services such as Registered post or Express and Express Platinum postal envelopes, or Express courier services, and employ optional services such person-to-person delivery or online tracking of delivery. Using such services reduces the risk of your valuable mail being lost without tracking. If you are very concerned for the security of your valuable items being lost in transit, you may wish to consider applying online and collecting your passport in person in Canberra or in Singapore.

  • Collection Timeline: You are strongly encouraged to collect your passport within one month. Passports not collected after three months will be cancelled and no refund of the passport fee will be given.
  • Identity Verification: Passport applicants (including children) are required by ICA to present themselves in person at least once, either during application or collection of their passports, to have their identity verified. Passport applicants who are not able to present themselves will be required to do a face-to-face verification via Skype with us. Instructions on how to do so will be provided in the passport collection notification email. 
  • Travelling with passports with less than 6 months' validity: Generally, the international norm is that a passport must have at least six months' validity at the point of entry. This condition does not apply to Singapore citizens returning or entering Singapore. Notwithstanding the above, Singaporeans travelling overseas to foreign country/place are strongly advised to check with the relevant foreign authorities and ensure that they meet the entry requirements before embarking on their journey. 

If you have lost your passport, please refer to the Passport Replacement section of the website.


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