A birth extract is a certified true copy of the Birth Certificate (BC). Once a birth certificate is lost and a replacement is required, applicant has to apply for a birth extract. ICA Registry of Births and Deaths only maintains records of births that occurred in Singapore, which were registered in Singapore since 1872.


Apply for Birth Extract

A birth extract replaces a lost or damaged birth certificate. From 27 March 2023, all birth extracts issued will be in digital form. Upon approval, the applicant will receive a digital birth extract.

You may apply for a digital birth extract if the birth certificate holder was born in Singapore, using ICA’s e-Service.

The fee for an application of a birth extract is S$40 and the general processing time is within six working days.

You can refer to the guide on birth extract application or visit https://www.ica.gov.sg/documents/birth/apply_extract for more information. If you have any query relating to the application and/or download of extract, you may contact ICA_RBD@ica.gov.sg.

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