It is recommended that you make a photocopy of your passport and Identity Card before you leave home, so that you can be identified by these documents if you lose your passport. You are also advised to keep your Identity Card separately from your passport when travelling.

If your passport is lost/stolen and you need to return to Singapore urgently, you will need to do the following:

1. Lodge a police report at a police station in the country where the passport was lost/stolen. Please request a copy of the report. In some cases where this may not be possible, you should request an acknowledgement slip or receipt.

2. After you have reported the loss to the New Zealand Police, please visit the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s (ICA) website to report the loss of your passport. You will require the following to do so:
a) Singpass login
b) Details on how the passport was lost (Please indicate lost location as overseas)
c) Police report details (If available)
d) To provide a confirmed flight itinerary

Please note that passports reported lost cannot be used, even if later recovered. If you recover your passport after submitting the loss report, you must surrender it to ICA within 14 days, as required under the law (Passports Act 2007).

3. After you have reported the loss of your passport online, the system will prompt to ask if you want to apply for a DOI. Click “yes, apply” and opt to collect your DOI from the Singapore High Commission in Wellington.

If you are unable to report the loss online, please contact the Singapore High Commission with the police report, proof of your Singapore citizenship status (NRIC, copy of passport), a fee of NZ$18.00, payable in cash or via internet banking to the Singapore High Commission will apply. Internet banking details will be provided to you when we receive your application. (please note that fees are subject to change without prior notice).

Once we received ICA’s approval for you to be issued with a DOI, we will be able to prepare the DOI for you. If you are unable to present yourself in Wellington to collect the document, we can do a Skype video call with you to verify your identity. You can then arrange for a tracked courier to pick up the document from our office to your location.

Singapore citizens living in New Zealand can apply for a replacement passport, for more information please visit

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