To create sustainable economic growth and alleviate poverty, both the Lao PDR and Singapore share the common conviction that human resource development is critical.  Singapore has played a supporting role through the provision of human resource training, scholarships and sharing of experiences.  More than 4000 Lao officials have participated in training courses and study visits since 1993 under the Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP) in areas such as English Language Training, Information Technology, Civil Aviation and Trade Promotion. Under the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) launched by then Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in 2001, Singapore established the Lao-Singapore Training Centre (LSTC) in Vientiane to increase training opportunities for Lao officials. Since the LSTC was set up in November 2001, about 600 Lao officials are trained each year and more than 13,000 Lao government officials have benefited from the Ministry’s various training programmes under the Singapore Cooperation Programme since 1993.  

With effect from January 2019, Singapore has opened a new Laos-Singapore Cooperation Centre to continue with the initiative to up-scale the human resource of the Lao officials.

Pictures of the Laos-Singapore Cooperation Centre


In the field of education, Singapore offers Singapore Scholarship and ASEAN Scholarships annually to Lao students for studies in Singapore.   


For more information on the Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP) or Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI), please refer to the website


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