For Long-Term Stayers


  • In the event of a major earthquake (intensity level or “shindo” 5 and above), Singaporeans who have e-registered with the Embassy should receive an earthquake warning alert message via email. Follow the instructions in the message and reply accordingly.

  • Monitor the situation closely but follow the instructions of the local Japanese authorities, especially if there is an order to evacuate to a safer place.

  • If urgent medical assistance is required, contact immediately the nearest hospital or police. (See useful contact numbers.)

  • Inform your loved ones in Japan and Singapore about your whereabouts and well-being when possible.



For Short-Term Stayers in Japan


  • Consult your hotel, tour guide or business associate before deciding on the next course of action.

  • Make sure that you carry along important travel documents.

  • Contact the Embassy at (03) 3586 9111/2 during office hours, or the Embassy's 24-hour duty handphone at (090) 3208 4122 after office hours if you require urgent assistance.



For Singaporeans planning to leave Japan                                             


  • Check road conditions and plan your route before leaving for the nearest domestic or international airport.
  • During office hours, contact Singapore Airlines local offices (Tokyo or Nagoya or Osaka or Fukuoka) to make flight arrangements.

  • You can also contact the Embassy and we will do our best to assist.

  • At the airport, if necessary, seek the assistance of the SIA General Manager or Embassy staff or Consular Response Teams.





We welcome any suggestions on how Singaporeans living in Japan can better prepare themselves for an emergency. Please email us your suggestions.

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