Any Singaporean who wishes to register his/her marriage in Japan should check with the local City Ward Office on the specific documents required and the procedures. The following is a general list of documents required.

1. Marriage Registration Form (in Japanese) 

2. Passport (original and copy)

3. Foreign resident registration card (if applicable)

4. Birth Certificate (Japanese translation may be required)

*5. "Certificate of No Impediment" issued by the Embassy of your nationality

*The Embassy does not issue Certificate of No Impediment. Instead, a Statutory Declaration will be executed by you in English. Please make your own arrangements if a translation is required by the City Ward Office.  


*Statutory Declaration of Marital Status 

Please visit the Embassy during counter/notarial service hours with your spouse-to-be, and bring the following documents.  


1. Copy and Original letter of Marriage Search Result (for Civil marriage record)or Marriage Search Result (for Muslim marriage record), whichever is applicable, issued by the Singapore Registry of Marriages (ROM) / Singapore Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) respectively.

The Marriage Search Result has to be on ROM's original letterhead (ROM fee applies), issued within three months to be accepted by the Japanese City Ward Office.  


For applicant with marriage record, besides the Original Letter of "Marriage Search Result", please also provide the Original or Certified True Copy of the divorce document- "Certificate of Making Interim Judgment Final (Divorce)" or "Certificate of Making Decree Nisi Absolute (Divorce)".


2. Copy and Original Passports of the applicant and spouse-to-be


*3. Statutory Declaration of the applicant completed in one of the following formats (to be signed in the presence of the Consular Officer, do not pre-sign).  


format  (34.95KB)for applicant with no previous marriage record

format  (5.78KB)for applicant with previous marriage record



For certifying true copies of documents and statutory declaration, please refer to the Notarial and Authentication Services page for the fees. Only cash payment in the exact amount is accepted.




Unlike Singapore, there will not be a marriage certificate issued by the City Ward office in Japan. However, you may request for a "Certificate of Acceptance of Notification of Marriage" (婚姻受理証明書) from the City Ward office, and arrange for an English translation if necessary.


Marriage to a Singaporean does not automatically qualify the foreign spouse for long-term stay in Singapore. Each application will be assessed carefully and holistically, based on its own merits. Please refer to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for more information.


Registering overseas marriage in Singapore


There is no provision in the Women’s Charter (Chapter 353) to require couples to register their overseas marriages, which includes "converting" or "endorsing" a foreign marriage certificate, in Singapore under the said Act. In this regard, there is no need to re-register your overseas marriage with the ROM, Singapore, in order for it to be a valid marriage. Re-registration of an overseas marriage is purely voluntary and administrative.

If you wish to re-register your overseas marriage in Singapore, both parties (i.e. bride and groom) must visit ROM to apply personally, together with relevant supporting documents. For more information, please refer to ROM’s website.


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