Singaporeans who lost their passports in Japan should refer to the instructions on the Loss of Passport section on ICA's website here. After reporting the loss, Singaporeans can apply a temporary travel document ("Document of Identity") via the MyICA e-Services portal with their SingPass.

The fee for the "Document of Identity" is SGD 15 or Yen 1,700. Payment can be made online via the MyICA e-Services portal.

You may visit the Embassy or Consulates in Osaka or Nagoya to collect the "Document of Identity" once it is ready.

Please note that the "Document of Identity" is for one-way travel to Singapore only, and needs to be surrendered to the Immigration Officer upon return. A new passport needs to be applied at ICA for replacement. The passport which was reported lost would be cancelled with immediate effect and cannot be used for travel even if it is recovered subsequently. Should you recover your lost passport, you must surrender it to ICA or the Embassy personally within 14 days.

If you are not able to access the MyICA e-Services portal with your SingPass, please contact the Embassy.

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