The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) no longer accepts citizenship application submitted in hard copies. All applications must be submitted online at


Note that SingPass account is required for online application. For more information on SingPass, please refer to


If you encounter any problems with ICA's e-service during the online application, please email with a screenshot of the error message.

Important Notes for Newborn Citizenship Application


  1. This is for a child who is born overseas (e.g. Japan) and either parent is a Singapore citizen by descent or registration. For more information, please refer to

  2. The application has to be submitted by the parents before the child's first birthday. A letter of explanation and additional documents are required for late submissions. The parents must be legally married at the time of the child's birth.

  3. The citizenship status of your child should be treated as an important matter. If in doubt, parents should seek advice from ICA before applying.

  4. A child, regardless of age, is required to obtain his or her own passport. The parents must first apply for Singapore Citizenship for their child, if the child is not yet a Singapore citizen. Upon the approval of the application, the child will be formally registered as a Singapore citizen. Only then will the child be eligible for a Singapore Passport.

  5. Under the Enlistment Act, all male Singapore Citizens are liable for National Service (NS) unless exempted.


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