Renewal/Transfer of Re-Entry Permit


If you have a valid REP, you must renew it within three months of its expiry date. There are two ways to submit a Re-Entry Permit application: 


  1. Online through ICA’s website using e-Service


  2. In-person at the Singapore Trade Office. You must present the following documents:


Please note that ICA may require you to return to Singapore to complete your REP formalities in person. For further details on eligibility, documents required, payment and processing time for Renewal of REP, please refer to ICA’s website here.


Transfer of Re-Entry Permit


If you are a permanent resident with a valid Re-Entry Permit (REP) and have obtained a new travel document, you will need to transfer your REP to the new travel document.


There are two ways to submit a Re-Entry Permit:


  1. Online using ICA’s e-Service. Once you have successfully transferred your REP, you may print it out for your records. It is advisable to carry the print-out when travelling.

  2. In person at our Office, if you do not have a SingPass account. You will need the following documents:
    • Current and expired passport and copies;
    • REP and a copy;
    • Identity Card and a copy (both side on the same page of A4 size paper)
    • Application Form (will be provided when you approach our Office)

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