If your passport was lost or stolen while in Taiwan, you are required to report the loss to any Service Centre of the National Immigration Agency to obtain a report.   


You should report the loss of passport to ICA or to the Trade Office as soon as you can. Please note that once your passport has been reported lost, it cannot be used even if recovered subsequently.


A Document of Identity (DOI) is a temporary travel document that can be issued to facilitate your one-way return to Singapore if you need to return urgently and cannot wait for a replacement passport. 


You should make necessary adjustments to your travel plans as the Singapore Trade Office would normally require 2 to 3 working days to establish your identity and process your DOI.


There are two ways to apply for a DOI: 


  1. Online. You are strongly encouraged to apply online using your SingPass as this is the fastest method to obtain your passport.  You can indicate the collection point as the Singapore Trade Office in Taipei. 


  2. In person at the Singapore Trade Office. You are required to present the following documents:


  • Two passport size photographs
  • Any documents which can prove your identity (such as a photocopy of your lost passport, driving license or NRIC)
  • Loss of Passport Report
  • Return flight details

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