Please call our duty hotline at +886-2-2711-7383 for emergency assistance after hours. Non-urgent queries can be directed to the main hotline at +886-2-2772-1940 or to our email

The Singapore Trade Office treats all requests for consular assistance seriously and remains committed to provide efficient and responsive consular assistance to distressed Singaporeans abroad. However, we seek your understanding on issues that we cannot assist with.

What can we do for you

  • We can provide you with information, advice and consular assistance.
  • We can issue emergency travel documents if you have lost your passport overseas.
  • We can request financial assistance on your behalf from your friends or relatives
  • We can notify your friends or relatives if you have been injured or arrested abroad.
  • We can provide a list of officially registered lawyers or translators if required.
  • We can assist in arranging the repatriation of the remains and personal belongings of the deceased.
  • We can assist in the event of natural disasters, civil disorder, or terrorist attacks in the foreign country.

What we are unable to do for you

  • We cannot pay for your medical, legal, accommodation, or travel expenses.
  • We cannot provide you with loans or cash.
  • We cannot intervene in a foreign judicial system if you have been detained, post bail, or pay fines.
  • We cannot intervene in civil disputes, commercial disputes and disputes between you and your family members or others.
  • We cannot provide legal advice or initiate court proceedings for you.
  • We cannot act as your guarantor or sponsor.
  • We cannot find accommodation or employment for you.
  • We cannot provide translation, mail-forwarding, telephone, or other personal services.

Please refer to for further information.

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