The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will introduce an electronic-Permanent Residence (e-PR) system for PR applications on 18 December 2017. With the launch of this new e-service on 18 December 2017, ICA will no longer accept hard copies of PR application forms from applicants. This will include the ones submitted through Overseas Missions.  All PR applications will only be accepted through the e-PR system. As such, the Singapore Consulate-General in Shanghai will cease the submission of PR applications over the counter starting from 18 December 2017.  

From 18 December 2017, applicants can access the e-PR system with their Singpass and key in the required information into an electronic application form. Supporting documents can be scanned and submitted electronically.


ICA will revise the PR application fees, to charge a processing fee of $100 per applicant at the point of submission of PR application. Each successful applicant will also pay a $20 fee for the Entry Permit. The total fees payable for each successful PR applicant is therefore $120. The new fees will be applicable for all PR applications submitted from 18 December 2017 onwards.


For more details on how to submit PR applications using the e-PR system, please refer to the (e-Service)

. Applicants can also refer to the Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) here for more information on the e-PR system and processing fee. 

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