6,649 Singaporeans successfully registered as overseas voters for Presidential Election 2023. The breakdown for the overseas voters is as follows:

a. Voting by post: 3,432
b. Voting in-person at overseas polling stations1: 3,217


Voting by post

2 Postal voters have been notified to download their postal ballot paper and return envelope. The postal ballot paper and return envelope can be downloaded from ELD’s Voter Services at using Singpass.

3 We encourage postal voters to mail back the return envelope early. The return envelope containing the marked postal ballot paper must be postmarked before 1 September 2023 (Polling Day) and reach the custody of the Returning Officer in Singapore by 11 September 2023 to be accepted for counting.

Voting at overseas polling stations

4 Overseas voters who have registered to vote at an overseas polling station have been sent their ePoll letter indicating the polling date and polling hours for their overseas polling station. A copy of the ePoll letter is also accessible online at ELD’s Voter Services using Singpass.

Registered overseas voters who are back in Singapore on Polling Day

5 If the overseas voter (whether he is voting by post or at an overseas polling station) is back in Singapore on Polling Day, he may vote at his allotted polling station in Singapore. The details of his allotted polling station in Singapore are in the poll card, which will be sent to his registered Singapore NRIC address or local contact address. These details are also on the voter’s ePoll card, which is accessible on the Singpass app and ELD’s Voter Services using Singpass from now until Polling Day.

6 At the polling station, the voter will have to declare that he has not already voted in the same election before being issued a ballot paper for voting.

7 Every overseas voter is allowed to vote only once during an election, either overseas or at the polling station in Singapore that has been allotted to him.

23 August 2023


1 Beijing, Canberra, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tokyo and Washington D.C.

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