The Embassy can assist to forward your application for the Renunciation of Singapore Permanent Residence (SPR) to the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), which is the processing authority.

Alternatively, you can apply to renounce your SPR directly with ICA. For more information, you can visit the ICA website (

If you wish to submit your application through the Embassy, please appear in-person with the following documents.

Documents Required

  • Passport;
  • Past and current REPs (including Entry Permit Card);
  • Blue Identity Card (if lost, a police report on the loss is required);
  • Letter addressed to ICA indicating your wish to renounce your SPR (Please indicate your Korean address with postal code, and contact details);

If the main applicant wishes to renounce his/her PR status, the family members who had obtained their SPR under the main applicant's sponsorship are also required to renounce their SPR simultaneously and sign the Letter addressed to ICA. 

If the family member is liable for the Singapore National Service (i.e. 16.5 years old to 21 years old), he must visit the Embassy in person for the renunciation of SPR with the main applicant of the SPR and complete an Acknowledgement Form from the Singapore Ministry of Defence. 

No charge


Prior appointment should be made online via at least two working days before your visit. 


Approval of Renunciation

You will be informed by ICA once your SPR has been successfully renounced.

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