Please note that the Embassy is not authorised to solemnise or register marriages of Singapore citizens in Korea. 

Registration of Marriage in the Republic of Korea
If you would like to register your marriage in Korea, you may visit a local district office in Korea.   Once you have registered your marriage in Korea, you would have to update the various Singapore government agencies which you have dealings with about your new marital status.

Requirements for marriage registration in Korea

If the couple is married in Korea first:

(i)    Affidavit of eligibility of marriage issued by the Singapore Embassy and translation of the affidavit in Korean language

(ii)   Identification (Passport for foreigners, Korean ID Card for Koreans)

(iii)   Application Form (available at local district office)

If the couple is married overseas first:

(i)     Original Marriage certificate and translation of the certificate in Korean language

(ii)     Identification (Passport for foreigners, Korean ID Card for Koreans

(iii)    Application Form (available at local district office)

Note: The information stated above are general requirements.  The Embassy recommends that you contact a local district office before you visit as requirements may differ from one district office to another.  You may wish to contact the Dasan Call Center (Tel: 82-2120, English service is available) and ask them to connect you to an officer in charge of the marriage registration at a district office that you will be visiting.

Application for the Letter of Civil Marriage Record/Affidavit for Eligibility for Marriage

The Embassy can assist to issue a letter certifying your marriage record based on the Singapore Registry of Marriages (ROM) search results.

For the Embassy to issue such a letter, please obtain the following prior to coming to the Embassy:

1. An original certified hard copy of the search result for marriage records issued by ROM (note: this does not refer to the print copy of the on-screen result generated through the free search service for marriage records).  Singaporeans who are overseas may apply for the document via the ROM website and/or through the assistance of a friend or relative.  Please use your NRIC number to apply for a search result. 

2. If you are a divorcee, please also produce a duly certified copy of the divorce certificate (Certificate of Making Decree Nisi Absolute / Certificate of Making Interim Judgment Final) 

3. Applicant's Passport and NRIC for verification purposes. 

For more information, please contact ROM at +65 6338 7808 or visit their website at

Processing Time:

Processing time for Letter of Civil Marriage Record is one working day (excluding day of submission).   Please also be advised that the Embassy does not provide translation services for the affidavit into Korean language. 

Re-Registration of Marriage with Registry of Marriages in Singapore/Updating of Marital Status in Singapore

There is no provision in the Women's Charter (Chapter 353) that requires couples to re-register their overseas marriages, which includes "converting" or "endorsing" a foreign marriage certificate, in Singapore.  In this regard, you are not required to re-register your overseas marriage with the Registry of Marriages (ROM) Singapore, in order for it to be recognised as a valid marriage.  Re-registration of an overseas marriage is purely voluntary and administrative.

Generally, an overseas marriage will be recognised in Singapore if it was registered according to the law of the place in which the marriage was contracted.  Hence, a marriage certificate which was issued by a competent authority of the relevant country, is a valid document and will be accepted as evidence of a marriage between the parties named in the certificate, unless there is reason to doubt the validity of the said marriage.

If there is any doubt on the legality of your overseas marriage, you may wish to seek legal advice from a lawyer.

Also, it is not necessary to re-register an overseas marriage with ROM for you to transact with Singapore’s Government agencies.  You may nonetheless wish to do so if you would like to receive a Singapore Government issued marriage certificate (showing your overseas marriage details).  You can also update your marital status for the MyInfo portal at


For more information, please visit the ROM website at  In the event information on this page differs from that of the ROM homepage, the ROM website takes precedence. 


Sg-Kor Couples Association

There is also a support group on Facebook formed by the Singaporean community in the ROK, called the Sg-Kor Couples Association (

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