For Singaporeans to drive in the Republic of Korea, you would need either an International Driving Permit (IDP) (for short-term travel) or convert a Singapore driving license into a Korean one (for long-term residents with Alien Registration Card).

Information on application for International Driving Permit is available at the Automobile Association Singapore website here.

Information on conversion of a foreign driving license into Korean one is shown here.

For long-term residents who wish to convert their Singapore driving license to a Korean driving license, the Embassy can assist to issue a true copy of your Singapore Driving License.  

The following documents should be prepared prior to coming to the Embassy as follows:

i) Original Singapore driving license

ii) Printout of the Verification of Driving License from TP's website at ( It is accessible to the public for checking the validity of Singapore Driving licence as long as you have the person’s NRIC / FIN and Date of birth. 

Please note that the applicants for Conversion of Driving Licence should submit the application personally at the Singapore Embassy in Seoul. You may authorise your agent to submit the application on your behalf. The authorized person should bring his/her ID card.

Processing time is one working day (excluding the day of submission).  The notarial fees to be charged for the issuance of the true copies will be in accordance with the fees stated under the Notarial and Authentication Services section.  

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