Invitation To Quote : Professional Event Organiser Services

29 Apr 2019



Paris, 29 April 2019


To all candidates


Reference: SINGEMBPAR/ITQ/003/2019


You are invited to quote for the provision of Professional Event Organiser services for the planning, organisation, and execution of a diplomatic reception to be held on a weekday afternoon or evening in July 2019 to celebrate Singapore’s 54th National Day.


2        All interested parties may contact Ms Foo Jia Hui, First Secretary (Admin & Consular) at 01 56 79 68 08 or to obtain the relevant documents or enquire about any aspect of this ITQ.


3        All offers shall be submitted to the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in hard copies at its office at 16 rue Murillo, Paris 75008, attention to Ms FOO Jia Hui by the closing date. The closing date for the quotation is Friday, 17 May 2019 at 1700 hours local time (CET).


4        The Government of the Republic of Singapore does not bind itself to accept the lowest Offer, or the whole or any part of any Offer.


5        The award notice for this ITQ shall be affixed to the public notice board at the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore.

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