Singapore was first represented in France in 1974, by Mr. ABDUL AZIZ Bin Mahmood, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim.

The first Singapore Ambassador to France was H.E. Mr David MARSHALL, from 1978 to 1993. He was the former 'Chief Minister' of Singapore from 6 April 1955 to 6 June 1956. The next Ambassador was H.E. Mr. FOO Meng Tong, who served from 1994 to 1997. He was succeeded by H.E. Mr T JASUDASEN as Singapore’s Ambassador to France from 1997 to 2004. H.E. Mr CHEW Tai Soo was Ambassador to France from November 2004 to October 2007. H.E. Mr Burhan GAFOOR was Ambassador to France from November 2007 to December 2010. H.E. Mr TAN York Chor was Ambassador to France from January 2011 to July 2015.


H.E. Mr Zainal Arif MANTAHA, the present Singapore Ambassador to France, took up his post on 13th July 2015.


Mr Zainal Arif MANTAHA



Ms ONG Sze Mei Karen

Deputy Chief of Mission

Alternate Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Singapore to UNESCO


Colonel YEO Hian Leong Alvin

Defence Attaché  


Mr PEH Boon Pin William

Director (Defence Technology Office – Europe)


Mr LEONG Chee Chew



Ms. FOO Jia Hui

First Secretary (Administrative and Consular Affairs)


Mr LEOW Yan Hao

Assistant Director (Defence Technology Office – Europe)


Ms CHIA Yihui

First Secretary (Political Affairs)


Ms CHUA Shan Jee 

First Secretary (Political Affairs)


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