11 Apr 2024

Mr President,


1              Let me begin by aligning Singapore with the statement made by Norway on behalf of a group of countries. We are meeting today because one permanent member of the Security Council, the Russian Federation, exercised its veto on 28 March and prevented the adoption of a draft resolution that would have extended the mandate of the DPRK Panel of Experts.



2             As this is the second time this week that we are meeting to discuss vetoes cast by permanent members of the Security Council, please allow me to start by making a broader point.  We are seeing a rising trend in vetoes from the permanent members across a range of issues.  We are barely past the first quarter of the year, and there have already been three instances of vetoes cast this year – an average of one resolution vetoed per month.  We hope that this negative trajectory does not continue.  The members of the Security Council and in particular the permanent members, have an obligation to work together and in good faith on all issues under the Council’s consideration to fulfil the Council’s responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.



3             The draft resolution vetoed on 28 March would have extended the mandate of a Panel that, among other things, serves to gather, examine, and analyse information regarding non-compliance with the relevant Council resolutions.  The Panel’s reports provide Member States with a good snapshot of developments in the DPRK’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and nuclear programmes, and trends in sanctions violations across sectors such as maritime, trade, information technology and finance.  The Panel also serves to support the 1718 Committee in developing and improving Implementation Assistance Notices that assist Member States in carrying out their obligations under the most complex sanctions regime of the Council.


Mr President,


4              Singapore takes its obligations under all relevant Security Council resolutions seriously.  We implement them rigorously and consistently, including by prosecuting those who have violated our domestic laws that give effect to these sanctions.  Singapore cooperates closely with the Panel, including providing information when relevant.  The Panel’s work is helpful in aiding our understanding of developments in the DPRK’s WMD programme.  It is also useful in helping us to understand the trends in sanctions evasion activities, and how to implement best practices to better aid our industries in avoiding common pitfalls that could cause them to run afoul of sanctions regulations.   



Mr President,


5             Singapore calls on Council members to make a final push for the renewal of the Panel’s mandate because there is still some time before the expiry of the mandate at the end of this month.  We also stand ready as Singapore to discuss options and possibilities in the General Assembly on how to fill in the gap left by the Panel, if consensus in the Council is not possible. 



6             In closing, Singapore would like to reiterate our longstanding call for the DPRK to cease all provocations immediately, and abide by its international obligations and commitments, including those contained in relevant Security Council resolutions, in order to achieve peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.



Thank you very much for your attention.


.    .    .    .    .

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