Invitation to Quote – Exterior Paint works at Singapore High Commission Complex

18 Dec 2014

Our Reference: DEL/ITQ/ EXTERIOR PAINT WORKS /032-2017


Date: 21 December 2017

To: All Service Providers


Dear Sir/ Madam







1.     The Singapore High Commission in New Delhi cordially invites interested service providers to quote for the above-mentioned works.


2.     The scope and nature of this procurement shall include the provision of all labour, tools, materials and transport for exterior paint works. Details are provided in separate annexes.


3.     Relevant Service Providers are required to carry out and perform services in accordance to the Contract. Service providers shall be deemed to have read this letter and fully understood the contents of the attached annexes, in particular the Conditions of the Contract and required specifications, which constitute the integral components of  this invitation,  and shall comply with all the terms and conditions specified therein. Interested service providers are to collect the relevant document from the Singapore High Commission.


4.     A mandatory site show around and briefing will be conducted on 27 December 2017 at 1430 hrs. Interested service providers should contact Mr Suresh Sharma at Tel: +91 9958793230.



5.     All quotations should be submitted  in sealed envelopes & addressed to the following address:


                    Singapore High Commission

                    E-6, Chandragupta Marg


                    New Delhi 110021, India

                    Attention: Mr Mejar Singh Gill

                   Counsellor (Admin & Consular)


6.      All submissions as per Annexure B (‘Form of the Contractor’s Offer’) shall include the terms and conditions of Instructions to Service Providers, Quotation Conditions to Contract, Requirement Specifications and all other documents in connection therewith, as per the manner stipulated in the document ‘Instructions to Service Providers’ and must reach the abovementioned address no later than 5 January 2018 by 1700 hours.  Submissions sent to any other email accounts or by fax other than the address as indicated above will be disqualified. Any enquiries regarding the specifications may be made to Mr Mejar Singh Gill, Counsellor (Admin & Consular) at Telephone No +91 11 4600 0800 Ext 236  or Mr Joey Chua at +91 11 4600 0800 Ext 235. 


7.     The acceptance and award of the quotation will be at the sole discretion of the Singapore High Commission in accordance to the Invitation to Quote. The Singapore High Commission does not bind itself to accept the lowest quotation, or the whole or part of any offer.


8.     All costs or expenses relating to preparing the quotation will be borne by the service provider.


9.     All information supplied to service providers by the Singapore High Commission, either in writing or orally, must be treated in confidence and not disclosed to any third party.


10.             The Singapore High Commission reserves the right to disqualify any      service provider if the quotation response is not submitted in a manner consistent with the provisions set out in this letter as well as the requirements listed above and the conditions in the Annexes attached.


11.             The quotation bids will be evaluated based on the following criteria and weightage assigned:





Weightage Assigned (100%)


Price competitiveness



Compliance with scope and specifications



Relevant experiences



Track record of Company



Management Support Plan



12.             The quotations should remain valid for acceptance for a minimum period of Ninety (90) days from the closing date of this invitation.




Counsellor (Admin & Consular)

for Singapore High Commissioner

The following Annexes can be collected from the  Singapore High Commission:

Annex A:  Instructions to Supplier                     

Annex B:  Form of Supplier’s Offer               

Annex C:  Conditions of Contract                      

Annex D:  Requirement Specifications

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