The mission was established in March 1967. On 1st April 1985, the mission moved to its present chancery complex located at the Chanakyapuri Diplomatic Enclave. The Chancery was built on a 3.027 acre plot of land. It is about 8 km from the main administrative and commercial centres in New Delhi and about 14 km from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The South Korean, Bhutanese, Italian, Nigerian and the New Zealand Missions are in close proximity to our mission.

Diplomatic Staff Members


Mr Simon Wong
High Commissioner


Ms Alice Cheng

Deputy High Commissioner and


Mr Kevin Liew 

Counsellor (Administration & Consular)


Mr David Chen Yeshan



Col Raymond Ong Yew Kuan 

Defence Advisor


Mr Sean Lim

First Secretary (Political)

Mr Wu Po Cheng

First Secretary (Political)


Mr Abraham Tan

First Secretary (Political)


Mr Vivek Raguraman

First Secretary (Economics)


Mr Joey Lim

Second Secretary (Administration & Consular)


Mr Joseph Tang

Attache (Administration & Technical)


Mr Lin Guoxin

Consular Officer

Mr Jai Ramachandran 
Consular Officer




Contact Details of Singapore Consulates in India

Consular Assistance for Singaporeans

Singaporeans who require consular assistance after office hours may call +91 9810203595 and they will be attended to accordingly.

The Singapore High Commission in New Delhi serves Singapore citizens in Bhutan and Nepal as well as the following Indian states:


  1. Jammu & Kashmir
  2. Himachal Pradesh
  3. Punjab
  4. Haryana
  5. Delhi
  6. Rajasthan
  7. Uttaranchal
  8. Uttar Pradesh
  9. Bihar
  10. Jharkhand
  11. West Bengal
  12. Assam
  13. Sikkim
  14. Manipur
  15. Meghalaya
  16. Tripura
  17. Arunachal Pradesh
  18. Nagaland
  19. Mizoram

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