Online Application

To avoid the hassle of travelling to the Embassy, Singaporeans are encouraged to apply or renew their passport online via ICA's Application for Passport On-Line Electronic System (APPLES). For online application, a Singpass account (with 2FA token), digital photo image file and a valid credit card for payment are required.

Applicants who apply online may collect their new passports at the Embassy.  
For more information on passport application, please visit ICA's website at

Application at the Embassy

Applicants applying for a new passport at the Embassy should bring the following:

  1. Duly completed application form
    The form can be downloaded at ICA's website: 
  2. Current passport - original and a photocopy 
  3. One passport size photograph
    Please refer to ICA's website for the photograph requirements at  The application will be delayed if the photograph submitted does not meet ICA's requirements.

Fees (for applications submitted at the Embassy)

  1. Processing fee for first-time application / subsequent application:
             S$80 (US$57) for applications made at the counter
  2. If the current passport is lost or damaged, the applicant is required to pay, in addition to the passport fee, either of the following non-refundable fees:
    • S$50 (US$36) for the first replacement or.
    • S$100 (US$71) for subsequent replacements.

Only USD (cash) in exact amount is accepted.  

Collection of New Passport 

For identification and security reasons, the applicant must appear in person at least once, either during the submission of application or during the collection of the new passport.  The Applicant must bring his/her current passport which will be invalidated and returned to him/her. 

Passports which are not collected in 3 months will be cancelled by ICA. The passport fee will not be refunded.


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