Singapore and the then USSR established diplomatic relations in June 1968.

Singapore's first official representative to the USSR was Mr Chandra Das, who functioned in Moscow as Singapore's Trade Representative with senior diplomatic status. The office was initially located in Hotel Ukraine in Moscow, one of the city's grandest structures then and now. On 4 May 1971, the Embassy was relocated to its current premises near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Singapore's first Ambassador, Mr P S Raman, took up post on 15 July 1971 and presented his credentials to the Soviet government on 30 July 1971. Mr Raman served from 1971 till 1976. Since then, Singapore has been represented by 8 other Ambassadors: Mr Joseph Francis Conceicao (1977-81 and 1990-94); Mr Ho Guan Lim (1981-84); Mr Kemal Siddique (1984-86); Mr Chiang Hai Ding (1986-89); Mr Bilahari Kim Hee P S Kausikan (1994-95); Mr Mark Hong Tat Soon (1995-2002); Mr Michael Tay (2002-2008); Mr Simon Tensing de Cruz (2008-2012); Ms Lim Kheng Hua (2012-2019) and  Mr Premjith Sadasivan (2019-2023).

The current Ambassador is Mr Neo Ek Beng Mark, who arrived on 14 August 2023.

The Embassy has the following departments:

  1. Political Department
  2. Administration and Consular Department
  3. Trade Department

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