Online Application

We encourage Singaporeans to submit their application for Singapore Passport online through the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA)'s online service using your SingPass for a shorter processing time. Payment may be made online via credit card or bank transfer. You may choose to collect your passport at the High Commission and you must be present in person to collect.

Manual Application

Hard-copy applications can also be done at the High Commission. Application form is available here. Applications submitted at the High Commission will be referred to ICA for processing. The processing time is about four weeks in general and will be longer for first time applicants, or those whose passports have expired for a long time. Applicants must be present in person at least once (either at the time of application or collection). Passport fee is RM 242 (additional charges apply if you are applying to replace a lost passport). Please note that the fees are revised regularly to account for currency exchange fluctuations.

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