If your passport is lost/stolen, please do the following immediately:

  1. Make a police report* at the nearest police station.
  2. Email the High Commission's Consular Section (singhc_kul@mfa.sg) to inform the loss. In your email please provide your full name as in NRIC/Passport, NRIC No., Passport No. (if you remember); and your Date of Birth.
  3. Prepare two passport–sized photographs for the issuance of a temporary travel document once your identity has been verified. Instant photos are acceptable.
  4. Come down to the High Commission after we contact you with an appointment. Bring along documentary proof of your citizenship (eg photo ID such as NRIC ). We will issue you with a temporary travel document (Document of Identity) which you will need to travel to Singapore.
  5. With the DOI, report to the Malaysian Immigration to obtain a Special Pass. This is required before you will be able to exit Malaysia to return to Singapore. Instructions will be provided when you report to the High Commission.

*When you make the police report, please request for a copy of the report. In some cases where this may not be possible, you should request for an acknowledgement slip or a receipt. Please bring this along when you report to the High Commission.

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