Provision of Cleaning Services at the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in Jeddah

07 Feb 2024

To all Potential Suppliers
        You are invited by the Government of the Republic of Singapore as represented by the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (“Authority”), to participate in this Invitation to Quote (“ITQ”) for Provision of Cleaning Service at the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in Jeddah.
2       This ITQ contains the following:
Covering Letter;
Instructions to Potential Suppliers (Quotations);
Conditions of Contract;
Requirement Specifications;
Guidelines for Quotation; and
Evaluation Criteria.
3       Your Quotation must be fully completed and submitted in accordance with this ITQ. You are advised to read carefully all documents enclosed in this ITQ before submitting your Quotation. Your offer must be submitted to the Consulate-General via hardcopy in a sealed envelope by 20 February 2024 at 3:00pm (GMT+3).
4       Interested parties are to contact Vice-Consul (Administration & Consular) Daniyal Hakim at +966 55 644 6155 or email: or Vice-Consul (Hajj) Taufiq Majeed at +966 50 515 0805 or email to request for the above quotation documents.
5       All enquiries regarding this ITQ shall be made in writing and directed to:
Villa No. 5, Mohammad Tawfiq Al Abassi Street,
Off Hera’a Street, Al Naeem District,
P.O. Box 18294, Jeddah 21415,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Contact Person(s):
Vice-Consul (Admin & Consular) Daniyal Hakim
+966 55 644 6155
Vice-Consul Taufiq Majeed
+966 50 515 0805
6       All enquiries are to be made in accordance with Clause 16.5 of the Instructions to Potential Suppliers.
Terms and Conditions
7       The Consulate-General does not bind itself to accept the lowest, the whole, or any part of the offer.
8       All costs or expenses related to preparing the Quotation will be borne by the respective vendors.
9       All information supplied to vendors by the Consulate-General, either in writing or orally, must be tread in confidence and not disclosed to any third party.
10      The Consulate-General reserves the right to disqualify you if you do not submit your response in a manner consistent with the provisions set out in the requirements listed in the annexes.
11      The submitted offer should remain valid for acceptance for a minimum of 30 days from the abovementioned closing date and time.

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