Singaporeans who lost their passports in Hong Kong or Macau should report the loss to a local police station (if the loss is due to crime).  Please request a copy of the police report.  


Singaporeans with SingPass can report the lost passport and apply for a Document of Identity (DOI) online.  Please select the collection of the DOI at the Consulate-General.  The processing time for the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to verify your particulars will take at least 1 working day.  Applicants are advised to re-schedule their departure date from Hong Kong and make their own accommodation arrangements, if necessary. Upon confirmation of your citizenship from ICA, the Consulate-General can then issue to you a DOI to return to Singapore only.


If you do not have a Singpass account, you may visit the Consulate-General in person during our office hours to report the loss of your passport and apply for the DOI.  The fee for the DOI issuance is HKD 87 by cash only.  You should present documentary proof of your citizenship and your identity (i.e. document with your photo, NRIC or driving licence etc), if available.  
(Note: Please call us at +852 2527 2212 prior to visiting our office during our working hours or email us at  Kindly provide us with your full name, NRIC number, date of birth, passport number and contact number.)


Please be advised that passports reported lost cannot be used, even if found or recovered subsequently.  If you retrieve your lost passport, you are required to surrender it to ICA within 14 days. 


Please bring along your police report with you when you depart Hong Kong. Upon your return to Singapore, you will need to surrender your DOI at the checkpoint, and apply for a new passport at ICA.


For more information, please visit the ICA’s website here.


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