Hong Kong plays host to a large Singapore community made up of a diverse group.  Apart from the Singapore Consulate-General, four other Singapore organisations – the Singapore Association (Hong Kong), Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong), Little Red Dot in Hong Kong and Singapore International School (Hong Kong) – help cater to the needs of Singaporeans living, studying and working in Hong Kong.


Singapore Association (Hong Kong) (SAHK)

Established since 1974, the SAHK comprises Singaporean volunteers who organise regular social activities for Singaporeans and the local community to meet and interact.  For more details, please refer to SAHK’s website or contact them at sgassn@sahkg.com.


Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) (SCCHK)

The SCCHK was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1995 to foster business links, economic understanding and cooperation between Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, China and the region.  The SCCHK welcomes individual and corporate members who share similar objectives and interests.  For more details, please refer to SCCHK’s website or contact them at scc@scchk.com.hk.


Little Red Dot in Hong Kong (LRD)

LRD is a non-profit group run by volunteers who organise activities for members with common Singapore background.   Please refer to LRD’s Facebook page for more information.


Singapore International School (Hong Kong) (SISHK)

Established in 1991, SISHK is the only school outside Singapore that is supported by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.  It offers a holistic education, academic rigour and bilingual (English and Chinese Putonghua) education from pre-primary to pre-university. For more information on the curriculum and programmes, please refer to SISHK’s website or contact SISHK at:


Preparatory Years and Primary Campus

Tel: +852 2872 0266

Email: general@singapore.edu.hk


Secondary Campus

Tel: +852 2919 6966

Email: secondary@singapore.edu.hk

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