There are about 200 Singaporean households in Switzerland. Together with accompanying family members, there are over 300 Singaporeans living here. They are distributed all throughout Switzerland. The areas where there are fairly large numbers of Singaporean households are the Cantons of Geneva, Vaud and Zurich.
About half of the Singaporean households are here due to their employment in Switzerland. The largest numbers are in the Banking and Finance Industry in Zurich and International Civil Servants and NGO employees in Geneva. There is also a small number of Singaporeans working in the education industry as lecturers, professors and scientists, in high technology industries like precision engineering and chemicals companies and in the pharmaceutical industry.
There is only a handful studying in Switzerland. Most of them are in the hotel schools in French-speaking Switzerland while others are doing their post graduate and undergraduate studies or studying music and art in various parts of Switzerland.
The other Singaporean households are here due to marriage to Swiss or other foreign spouses who are working in Switzerland.
Singaporeans who are new to Switzerland may register themselves with the Mission via the Eregister at the relevant tab in this website or with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore website at
Singapore Club in Switzerland
There is a club for Singaporeans in Switzerland called the Temasek Club of Switzerland (TCS). You can visit their website at and be a member. Membership is free and you will be kept informed of interesting social activities organised by the club.
You can also keep in touch with Singapore and other overseas Singaporeans via the Overseas Singaporeans Portal at

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