Introduction of additional modes of payments


As part of our efforts to improve our services, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Singapore will be introducing payments via e-Banking and red payment slips (BESR/BVR) from January 2019. This new payment process will allow you to make hassle-free and secure payments to the Permanent Mission for consular services.


Please follow the following simple steps to take advantage of the new payment modes.


i.     Provide us with the details of the services required (visa application, legalisation, passport application/citizenship application) via email to with the specific service sought clearly indicated in the subject heading of the email.


ii.     We will reply with the payment details.


iii.     When making payment please indicate clearly in the description field of the bank online platform/red payment slip (BESR/BVR) the nature of the payment (e.g. visa application, legalisation, passport application/citizenship application).


iv.     Once payment is completed, please send us a confirmation of the transfer via email with a screen shot/PDF print out of the payment transfer/bank transaction number/scanned copy of the payer portion of the red payment slip (BESR/BVR).


v.     We will then send you a confirmation email once the payment is received.

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