Apply for a Passport Overseas

You must be a Singapore citizen to apply for a passport. You can do so in person at the Singapore Consulate-General after making a prior appointment in advance via email at For identification and security reasons, you must appear in person at least once at the Mission, either when you complete your application or when you collect your passport. If you apply online, please submit the online application to ICA directly at You will need to produce all required documents when you collect your passport. For more information, please click here.

Collection of Passport Overseas

The procedure for the collection of your passport at the Singapore Consulate-General will be coordinated by the Consulate-General itself. We will notify you once the passport has been received by us.

Loss of Passport Overseas

You should immediately report a lost/stolen passport to the Singapore Consulate-General. We will advise you accordingly. Please click here for more information on the loss of a passport.

Damaged Passport Overseas

If you have damaged your passport, please contact the Singapore Consulate-General. We will assess the extent of the damage to the passport, and advise you accordingly. Passports cannot be used once reported as damaged.

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