The Consulate-General also provides notarial services for official documents to be used in Singapore.  Please bring along your passport or identity card as a form of identification should you require such service. You are required to make a prior appointment in advance by sending an email to before coming to the Consulate-General at the assigned date and time. 

What the Consular Officers can do?

  • Provide information, advice and consular assistance
  • Issue emergency travel document if you lose your passport
  • Contact your relatives or friends on your behalf to request them to send you emergency funds for your repatriation or other necessary emergency expenses
  • Notify your next-of-kin in the event you are injured abroad
  • Notify your next-of-kin in the event of your arrest or detention
  • Visit Singapore citizens who have been arrested or imprisoned and affirm that due process under the judicial system of India is accorded to him or her
  • Help to obtain a list of officially registered local lawyers and translation services where this is available
  • Make arrangements for the return to Singapore of the remains and personal belongings of a deceased Singaporean
  • Assist during emergencies such as natural disasters or civil disorder
  • Certification of documents as a Notary Public

What the Consular Officers cannot do?

  • Pay your medical, hospital, legal, accommodation, travel or other bills
  • Provide loans or cash your cheques
  • Post bails or pay fines on your behalf
  • Intervene in the judicial process of a foreign country or ignore local laws
  • Provide legal advice or initiate court proceedings on your behalf
  • Act as your guarantor or sponsor
  • Arrange for your accommodation or for work

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