A Permanent Resident (PR) of Singapore may choose to renounce his/her PR status if he/she intends to relocate or leave Singapore permanently.


Please be informed that if a main applicant is to renounce his/her PR status, all dependants (spouse and children below 21 years old) who had obtained the status under his/her sponsorship are required to renounce together.


For a child who had obtained PR under the parent's sponsorship but is 21 years old and above, a separate application by the child is required if he/she intends to renounce PR.


A PR who has lost his/her PR status by remaining outside of Singapore without a valid Re-Entry Permit (REP), is not required* to apply for renunciation of PR.


*You may submit a request if you require a verification letter to prove that you are no longer a Singapore PR.


Please note that the Government reserves the right to reject or withhold the renunciation application of Singapore PR who has unresolved matters with government agencies or has outstanding National Service (NS) obligations.


Documents Required


Forms to upload

You will need to complete and submit the following mandatory forms (PDF/JPEG/PNG format) together with your application:



MINDEF Acknowledgement Form (PART I)

MINDEF Acknowledgement Form (PART II)

Male PRs 16.5 years old and below

Acknowledged by Main Sponsor
(sponsored parent)

Not Applicable

Male PR between 16.5 and 21 years old

Acknowledged by Main Sponsor
(sponsored parent)

Acknowledged by Applicant

Male PRs 21 years old and above

Acknowledged by Main Sponsor/Applicant

Not Applicable


Documents to upload

You will also need to prepare and submit scanned copies of the following documents (in PDF/JPEG/PNG format):

  • Passport biodata and signature page 
  • Proof of name change for self and/or family members (e.g. deed poll, baptism certificate) (if applicable)
  • Loss of IC police report/ statutory declaration (if applicable)
  • Clearance letter from MINDEF/SPF/SCDF (compulsory for serving NSFs only)
  • Divorce papers, order of court, interim/ final judgement, and child custody papers (if applicable)
  • Death certificate (if applicable)


The maximum file size for each document is 1MB. Please ensure that the file size of each document is kept within 1MB before the upload.


Important Note: You will need to provide scanned copies of the original and notarised translations for documents in any languages other than English. ICA only accepts notarised translations and statutory declarations that are provided by -

  • A Notary Public in Singapore or the issuing country
  • Attested or certified by the Embassy of the issuing country


Document to return to ICA


Please return the document by registered mail to:

  • ICA via registered mail to ICA within fourteen (14) days of submitting your renunciation application (see table below), or
  • The nearest Singapore Overseas Missions (if overseas. i.e., Singapore High Commission in Canberra if you reside in Australia). Please include a cover letter indicating your best point of contact details (name, email address and phone number), ICA’s email acknowledgement of your PR renunciation online application and the document(s).


Document to return to ICA

ICA Address

Singapore Blue Identity Card*

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority
ICA Building
10 Kallang Road #03-00
Singapore 208718

Attention: IC Unit

  • *You must submit a statutory declaration or a police report in lieu of the lost Identity Card (IC) if you misplace the IC. 


Note: You may be asked for proof of postage such as tracking number and status of delivery for the required documents that you have sent to ICA.


Risks of postal or courier services

Please be informed that the Singapore High Commission in Canberra is not responsible for any document lost or damaged in the mail or during transit through the postal or courier services. Kindly consider the risks involved in sending valuable items via mail, which may be lost or damaged in transit from time to time.




You can submit your Singapore Permanent Residence Renunciation application via the online application portal. It will take you approximately 20 mins to complete.  Please take note that incomplete applications will not be processed. 


Processing Time



The general processing time takes up to four (4) weeks from the receipt of your application. Some applications may require a longer time to process if ICA receives incomplete supporting documents and/or requires further clarifications with the applicants. 


Applicants who are in Singapore, are advised to remain here until the process is completed as you will be issued with a thirty (30) days Social Visit Pass upon the completion of your renunciation application.


You will be issued with a letter of renunciation via your declared email once your request has been processed.


Note: Please check your junk/spam mailbox periodically as certain email platforms may classify ICA's outcome emails as junk/spam mails.

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