A citizen of Singapore can only renounce his/her Singapore citizenship if he/she:

  • Is aged 21 and above
  • Is of sound mind
  • Has acquired the citizenship of another country



You can submit your hard-copy application with supporting documents and fee payment via the following modes:

  • In person at Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or at the Singapore High Commission in Canberra

   - If you require the High Commission to certify the statutory declaration or supporting documents, please book an appointment with us via the online form here

  • By post/courier* to the Singapore High Commission in Canberra

   - Attn to: Consular Officer, Singapore High Commission in Canberra, 17 Forster Crescent, Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Australia

   - Please include a list of items that you are sending and retain a record of your postage tracking number to allow you to track the delivery of your postage.


Applications received by the High Commission will be sent to Singapore ICA for processing.


Documents Required

You will need the following documents to complete your renunciation of Singapore citizenship:

  • Completed Renunciation Form (Form I to Form V - Mandatory) – downloadable via this link
  • Original Singapore Identity Card (NRIC)
  • Valid Singapore Passport
  • Original Singapore Citizenship Certificate (for Singapore Citizens by descent or registration)
  • Certified True Copy of Valid Foreign Passport
  • Certified True Copy of Foreign Citizenship Certificate
  • Certified True Copy of Deed Poll / Change of Name Certificate / Religious/ Baptism Certificate/ Marriage Certificate
  • Form VI: Thumbprint Impression Form – If you have done a change of name
  • Form VII: Statutory Declaration – For lost Singapore Identity Card
  • Form VIII: Statutory Declaration – For lost valid Singapore Passport
  • Form IX: Letter of Explanation – For lost Singapore Citizenship Certificate
  • Form X: MINDEF Advisory Note – Mandatory for all male applicants



Payment of AUD 36 as processing fee, prepared as:

  • Australian Money Order (purchased at any Auspost branch); OR
  • Bank cheque (issued at your bank branch). We do not accept personal or handwritten cheques.
  • Make out your Money Order or Bank cheque to “Singapore High Commission in Canberra”

For security reasons, please do not send cash by mail.


Processing Time

The general processing time is approximately three months. Some applications may take a longer time to process.



*Risks of postal/courier services: The Singapore High Commission is not responsible for any document lost or damaged in the mail or transmitted through courier services. Please consider the risks involved in sending valuable items by mail, which may be lost or damaged in transit from time to time. If you decide to use postal or courier service, you should use reputable, trackable services such as Registered post, Express or Express Platinum postal envelopes, or Express courier services, and employ optional services such as person-to-person delivery or online tracking of delivery. Using such services reduces the risk of your valuable mail being lost without tracking. If you are very concerned about the security of your valuable items being lost in transit, you may wish to consider submitting your application in person in Canberra or in Singapore. 

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