The Singapore High Commission does not authenticate or attest documents. We only offer notary services such as certifying true copy of a document photocopy, certification of signatures and stamps, and witnessing of signature(s) on Statutory Declarations or Affidavit for use in Singapore.

Appointments are required and available every hourly in the morning (from 9am to 11.30am) and afternoon (from 2pm to 4pm). Please make your appointment via the online form here. An email will be sent to you if the appointment is confirmed. 

You are required to bring along the following document(s) for the appointment:

  • Full set of original document/s, completed but not signed;
  • Valid identification documents such as NRIC or passport;
  • Any supporting documents as required;
  • Photocopies of documents; and
  • Cash in AUD (We do not accept payment using credit/debit card or EFTPOS).
  • For taking of fingerprint impressions: Valid Passport and passport-sized photograph taken within the last 3 months.

Fees for notarisation services (Cash only)

AUD$21 per set of document/form

Additional signatory is AUD$17 per set of document/form

AUD$6 per page for Certified True Copy

AUD$1 for photocopy service


Legalisation of documents issued in Australia for use in Singapore

You are advised to check with the requesting authority in Singapore if they require the document(s) to be legalised.

To legalise the document(s) for use in Singapore, please refer to the procedure as follows:

  1. If your document is not an original Australian public document, you are required to take it to an Australian Notary Public to be notarised.
  2. Notarised documents should then be sent to the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Passport Office for an apostille. Please refer to DFAT’s website here for more information.
  3. Documents with an apostille affixed can be presented in Singapore directly.

For further information regarding notarial services provided by the High Commission, please contact us at +61 2 6271 2000 or email us at

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