A valid Re-Entry Permit (REP) is necessary whenever a Singapore permanent resident (PR) travels out of Singapore. The REP allows you to retain your permanent residence status while away from Singapore. If you leave Singapore or remain overseas without a valid REP, you will lose your permanent residence status.


If your REP is expiring, you must renew your REP within three months prior to its expiry online through ICA’s Renew REP e-service.


If you have obtained a new travel document, you will need to transfer your valid REP to the new travel document online through ICA’s Transfer of REP e-service.


Alternatively, you may submit your REP renewal or REP transfer application at the Embassy. The Embassy will assist you to forward the application to ICA.


If you wish to submit your application through the Embassy, please appear in person with the following documents:


For Transfer of REP to a New Passport


  • Request form for transfer of REP (available at the Embassy);
  • Old passport;
  • New passport;
  • Valid Re-Entry Permit (Form 7).


For Renewal of REP


  • Valid passport;
  • Singapore blue NRIC;
  • Valid Re-Entry Permit (Form 7);
  • Proof of employment in Singapore (for applicants who had obtained their PR under the Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers Scheme);
  • Marriage certificate and NRIC of spouse (for applicants who had obtained their PR under the sponsorship of their Singapore Citizen/PR spouse);
  • Birth certificate and NRIC of parents (for applicants who are dependant PRs and are below 21 years old);
  • Highest education qualification certificate and proof of employment in Singapore if any (for applicants who are dependant PRs and are 21 years old and above).


Fees: SGD 10 (per year or part thereof of REP granted; in equivalent RMB)

Note: If you had misplaced your valid REP (Form 7), you may obtain and print a new copy via ICA’s Print REP e-service.


Contact Information


If you need advice or more information, please contact the Embassy at:

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Beijing

Tel : + (86) (10) 65321115 Ext 131 or 132

Email: singemb_bej@mfa.sg

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