The Embassy will assist you to forward your application for renewal or transfer of Re-entry Permit (REP) to the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), which is the processing authority.

Alternatively, Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) can apply, renew or transfer their Re-Entry Permit online via ICA's e-Services at available at ICA website ( with a SingPass account before the expiry date of current REP. The applications can be processed within one day if the applicants are in Singapore. For SPRs who are currently not in Singapore, the outcome of the applications will be made known to the applicants within 5 working days. For more details on application for SingPass, please visit

Please note that ICA will cease the practice of stamping the REP in the passport. Instead, an electronic Re-Entry Permit (Form 7) will be issued.

If you wish to submit your application through the Embassy, please appear in person with the following documents.

Application Procedure for Transfer of REP to new passport:


  • A completed application form (Request for Transfer of REP) available at the Embassy;

The following documents (original and photocopy) should be submitted:


  • Applicant’s old passport with latest REP;
  • Applicant’s new passport.

Application Procedure for Renewal of REP:


The following documents (original and photocopy) should be submitted:

  • Applicant’s passport;

  • Applicant’s latest REP;

  • Applicant’s blue identity card;

  • Proof of employment in Singapore (applicable to applicants who had obtained their SPR status under the Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers Scheme);

  • Marriage Certificate and Singapore identity card of spouse (applicable to applicants who had obtained their SPR status under the sponsorship of his/her Singapore Citizen/SPR spouse);

  • Applicant’s birth certificate, parent’s Singapore identity cards and passports showing the latest REP (applicable to applicants who are dependent SPR and is below 21 years old);

  • Highest qualification certificate and proof of employment in Singapore if any (applicable to applicants who are dependent SPR and is above 21 years old).


S$50 (or RMB equivalent) (for a 5-year REP)

S$10 (or RMB equivalent) (per year of part thereof)

Processing Time

4 - 6 weeks (apply via counter at Embassy)

1 - 5 days (apply via ICA website)


Collection of Electronic Re-Entry Permit

We will inform you on the collection date when we receive the notification from ICA. If you had successfully applied for a REP whilst overseas, you may complete the entire REP renewal formalities online or at overseas mission. There may be instances where a SPR is required to return to Singapore to complete the formalities for a 5-year REP at the Permanent Resident Services Centre, ICA Building. In such cases, you will be granted a 3-month REP to facilitate your return to Singapore.



Note: Please keep the Re Entry Permit (REP) carefully. You are advised to carry a copy of your REP with you when you travel overseas as some foreign authorities and agencies may need to see your REP when you travel. Travellers who do not have a hard copy of their REP may be denied exit by the local immigration of some countries. Do not glue or staple your REP to the Travel Document.




Other Information

If you need more information, please contact the Embassy at:
Tel : + (86) (10) 65321115 Ext 131 or 132
Fax : + (86) (10) 65329407

Please see the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Homepage for more information

Important Notice

For renewal, please submit your application at least 2 months before the expiry of the Re-Entry Permit. A SPR who remains outside Singapore without a valid REP will lose his/her PR status. An overseas applicant whose spouse is a Singapore Citizen or SPR should furnish his/her spouse's Singapore identity card number and a copy of their marriage certificate to expedite processing.

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