The Embassy in Beijing was established in 3 October 1990.

Its mission is to safeguard the interests of Singaporeans visiting, living, studying and working in China, and to promote political, economic and cultural links between Singapore and China.


The key officials of the Embassy are as follows:



Mr Peter Tan Hai Chuan



Ms Zhou Suli

Deputy Chief of Mission &



Mr Lin Jiayi

Counsellor (Political)

Head of Political Section


Ms Winnie Tan Ting Ting

Counsellor (Admin & Consular) 


Mr Dean Lee Wei Cheng



Mr Dion Loke Cheng Wang

First Secretary (Political)


Mr Sherman Tan Yong Kian

First Secretary (Political)


Mr Chan Wei Jin

First Secretary (Political)


Ms Chen Huimin

First Secretary (Political)


Mr Kean Patrick Murphy

First Secretary (Political)


Mr Chan Ruo Wei

Second Secretary (Political)


Ms Chin Hsien Juen

First Secretary (Admin & Consular)


Mr Alvin Wong Tze Chin

First Secretary


Ms Teo Siwei

First Secretary (Visa & Consular)


Ms Lim Jing Hong

Second Secretary (Visa & Consular)


Mr Koh Jun Wei, Edmund

Third Secretary (Admin & Consular)


Commercial Section

Mr Yap Cheng Boon

Counsellor (Commercial)


Ms Tham Shee Yee

First Secretary (Commercial)


Ms Low Yue Wen

First Secretary (Commercial)


Industry Section

Mr Chua Zong Lun

Counsellor (Industry)


Ms Chan Wing Yue

First Secretary (Industry)


Ms Sarah Chua

First Secretary (Industry)


Defence Office

Mr Tay Kia Han

Defence Attaché


Education Section

Ms Lee Wei Ying

First Secretary (Education)


Economic Section

Mr Wong Choo Sin

Counsellor (Economic)


Mr Eric Tang Chee How

First Secretary (Economic)


SPF Office

Mr Loy Chye Meng

Counsellor (Police)


MCI Section

Ms Lim Xin Bei, Ammily

First Secretary (Information)


Infocomm Section

Ms Shermaine Chee


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