The Embassy is not authorised to soleminise or register marriages of citizens in China.


Neither the Embassy nor the Singapore Registry of Marriages (ROM) issues a Certificate of No Impediment (无配偶证明).

The Embassy can however issue a letter to certify a Singaporean's marital status.


In order for us to issue such a letter, please obtain the following prior to coming to the Embassy:


(a) An original certified hardcopy of the search result for marriage records (searched using NRIC only) issued by the Registry of Marriage (note: this does not refer to the print copy of on-screen result generated through the free search service for marriage records). Singaporeans who are overseas may apply for the original certified hardcopy Search Results via the ROM Website and/or through the assistance of friends/relatives. For more information, please contact ROM at +65 6338 7808 or visit their website,


(b) If you are a Divorcee, please produce a copy of the Divorce Certificate (duly certified by the Subordinate Courts official).


You are required to be present in person at the Embassy to execute a Statutory Declaration as required by the Chinese authority. Please bring along your Singapore Passport for this purpose.


You may also wish to approach the nearest Singapore Consulate-General (Shanghai,Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xiamen) in China to issue a similar letter.


All marriages contracted or solemnised outside Singapore ─

(a) which have been registered in accordance with and are valid under the law of the place in which the marriages were contracted or celebrated; and

(b) to which both parties possess the capacity to marry under the law of their respective countries of domicile, are valid in Singapore.


The final arbiter of any dispute as to the validity of such marriages in Singapore is the Court of Law.

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