The Embassy provides assistance to Singaporeans who lost or had their passports stolen while in China.


If you had lost your passport while travelling in China:


  1. Report the loss to a local police station (派出所) and to the local Entry-Exit Administration Bureau (出入境管理局) of your district. This is to obtain a Loss of Passport Report (护照报失证明) and to regularise your stay in China.


  2. Report the loss to ICA online using your Singpass, through the Report Loss of Passport e-service. Your passport cannot be used once reported lost, even if later recovered.


  3. Apply for a new travel document online using your Singpass, through the Apply for Travel Document e-service.
    • If you need to return to Singapore urgently, you may apply for a Document of Identity (DOI). The processing time for a DOI is one working day.
    • Alternatively, you may apply for a new passport. The processing time for a new passport is 4 to 6 weeks.


  4. If you had selected to collect your DOI/ new passport from the Singapore Embassy in Beijing, the Embassy will contact you once your DOI/ new passport is ready.


  5. Upon collecting your DOI/ new passport, you are required to once again report to the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau (出入境管理局) to update your travel document details.


Additional Notes for DOI Applicants


Upon issuance of the DOI, you are required to apply for an Exit Permit from the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau. You may be required to prove that you had registered with a hotel or a local police station when you first arrived in China. This is to facilitate investigation by the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau before they may issue you with the Exit Permit to leave China. The processing time to obtain the Exit Permit for foreigners who had lost their passports in China is 7 working days.


Upon your return to Singapore, you will need to surrender the DOI at the checkpoint and apply for a new passport.


Contact Information

Entry-Exit Administration Bureau in Beijing 

Tel: 12367

If you need advice or more information, please contact the Embassy at:

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Beijing
Tel: + (86) (10) 6532 9382 (during office hours)

+(86) 1391 0755 251 (after office hours)

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